Frequently Asked Questions

What type of seating Is available?

The CoLab has several seating options available. Our main space has a very open layout with open desks that are first come first serve. 

If you need to take a call, or do a video conference, we have two Zoom Rooms/ Phone Booths that you can step in to. There is no assigned seating; you can choose where you would like to work each time you come in.

Can I stay past 5pm? 

Yes - Sort of! The evening end time flexes as long as there are no private events booked that day. 

Members know this through our members portal.

Do members get discounts on Booking for private events?

A 20% discount is extended to our Monthly Members who wish to book The CoLab for private use. (Weekdays after 5pm and all weekend)

Do I need to book a zoom room? 

Zoom Rooms are first come, first serve. Monthly Members can request and reserve either of our Zoom rooms.

What is the parking situation like?

We have a small lot in the back of our building that we share with Blossom, the flower shop next door. There are 3-4 open spaces for our members and guests. 

There are meters on the street which are monitored from 8am -6pm Monday through Friday. 

There is also free parking on the side streets near The CoLab.

How does payment for the Monthly membership work? 

Once you decide The CoLab is the place for you, we will either direct you to the website for day passes an day pass bundles, or we will invoice you for the monthly membership which is due quarterly starting with the first 3-month payment. 

If the prices change after paying for My membership, do I owe a difference? 

The price that you sign on with is the price that you will pay unless noted otherwise. Occasionally prices will change based on upgrades to the space, but we would inform our members before doing so. 

If there is an event during co-working hours, are we allowed to work? 

On the rare occasion that an event is booked during co-working hours, we will make special accommodations so that you may still work. 

Do we have to let you know if we are coming in before 9am?

Nope! Once you are registered as a member, your phone gives you access to our smart lock during business hours of 6am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. 

Can I work on weekends? 

Weekends are typically reserved for private bookings; however monthly members can inquire about weekend use if there are no private bookings on the calendar. Access will be granted on a case-by-case basis and your smart lock access will be updated upon approval. 

Are there assigned seats for co-working? 

All the desks in our space are open to members as they arrive. There are no designated desks or assigned seating.