Working Remotely Part 2: Singing in the Shower

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What was the first thing you got really excited about when you started working from home? Was it the lack of commuting?

Thrilled to be sipping coffee in your favorite chair at 8 am rather than embarking on the morning commute. After a week or two, however, you may have found yourself longing to belt out “Jolene” or “Welcome to the Jungle” on the trek to and from the office. Maybe you are missing out on your favorite podcast or getting behind on your attempt to learn Spanish during rush hour. 

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Commuting, for all its annoyances, affords the luxury of being alone with your thoughts for a certain amount of time. It provides transition, it is the transition. 

Commuting may have served a purpose other than feeling like a total time suck. It was time to prepare for what awaited you and later, on the way home, to process what happened. To start comb through the tangles of the day. Acknowledging and finding new ways to transition from home to work to home is important when the commute has been removed from the equation. Now the trip from bedroom to living room to computer is the default. 

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If you finding yourself in need of a new way to transition throughout or to endcap the day try something simple:

  • Morning trips to get coffee at your local spot
  • Exercise routine
  • Writing - try spilling writing, stream of consciousness, or your own genre
  • Commit to a daily walk


You are constantly making decisions which is exhausting. Routines take away the need to make another decision. You can rely on it and it can be an anchoring point. Routine doesn't have to mean predictable and mind-numbing repetition. Rather, it can free up your mind for other things than decision making. Creativity and spontaneous interactions to name two.

Pay attention to what is working for you. Talk to your friends, it can be an interesting topic to explore - a way to take your own pulse check of the people around you. 

What helps you mentally shift between projects, breaks, and meetings with the gold standard being balance and a feeling of embodied wholeness? You may only need time to adjust or perhaps a home office to make working from home sustainable. 

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If having an office space away from home appeals to you then try a local co-working space. Co-working spaces like The CoLab exist because working from home looks different for all of us. Maybe physically separating home life from work life is an option that would help you establish new routines on your own terms.

If you are missing aspects of that long commute remember you can still sing your broken heart out to Jolene, tapping your inner Dolly Parton (or Miley Cyrus!) by singing in the shower.

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