Working Remotely Part 4: In Good Company

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For people entering the workforce who haven’t established relationships with colleagues or a strong support system, working from home can be lonely and isolating. Whether you are a new or seasoned entrepreneur, have recently moved to a new city, or started over in a new job, establishing and maintaining your social network can be challenging. 

Remote doesn’t mean you’ve stopped collaborating or squeezing in the pleasantries during meetings. Remote does eliminate those spontaneous conversations that happen in collective spaces (at least until Zoom develops virtual office spaces where we can rekindle the chance encounter). Even introverts occasionally want to BE in the presence of other people and enjoy a hive of activity. No socializing necessary just the human desire to see and be seen.

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Being around others who are motivated is motivating. We feed off the energy of others. Their passions inspire us, move us, and uplift us. The camaraderie and opportunity for collaboration are two major benefits of co-working. For owner Maureen, “The CoLab is a place where the focus is on taking care of the people who share this space. We are a community that supports freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, makers, and creatives. It is so incredible to have this space and the people who choose to gather here to work and play.” 

The CoLab is a fresh, modern take on the workspace. The bright, clutter-free, space is for the established remote worker, freelancer, creative maker, and newly-initiated remote worker. You’ll find a community of motivated individuals working in an inspiring space where you can create your most impactful work! Our members report getting more done in one day than they have in weeks.

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