Working Remotely: Part 1

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An Elegant Shared Space

The CoLab creates a professional atmosphere where getting work done and goals met is a priority. Coffee, quiet meeting spaces, and office supplies are provided so you can focus on the tasks of the day. Separating home and work life is easier when they are literally two separate spaces.

You may be able to make this happen at home and after some tweaking, feel really good about it. If not, co-working spaces like The CoLab have distilled the benefits of office culture into an elegant, shared space and community.

Co-working spaces like The CoLab mean people who do not work together work alongside each other - at a comfortable distance. Everyone here has a goal to accomplish and the space sets a tone of productivity and accountability if only to yourself for the investment.

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Coffee shops are another place you’ll find remote workers missing at the moment of COVID-19. Still, the anonymity of coffee shops can go either way. Sometimes asking the person next to you at the coffee shop what they think of your project may lead you down a long distracting road that you regret embarking on.

Everyone comes to the remote work table with different challenges, previous experiences, tools, and supports. You may be one of the 5 million Americans now working from home and experiencing some combination of glee, loneliness, scatterbrained-ness, freedom, and blurred lines.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, 25-30% of the workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021.

A Rabbit Hole 

Working from home is an option that may have fallen into your lap quite unexpectedly with the onset of COVID-19. Like Alice, you rubbed your eyes on the way down a rabbit hole, opening them on a world quickly turning on its head. It may feel like you’ve had the rug pulled out from under you - but sometimes that’s a good thing. As the great Buddhist meditation teacher, Pema Chodron said, “having the rug pulled out from under you is a big opportunity to change your fundamental pattern.”

Think of 2020 as an invitation to reinvent the workday on your own terms. With a little adjusting, patience, and perspective it’s possible to create a healthy, balanced home - work life. For many of us, the time has come to embrace a golden opportunity.

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Maureen Koopman, owner and founder of The CoLab shares that working from home means more flexibility and “thinks the recent changes have brought people to a more human level. I think this has made companies realize we can work remotely and that there are different ways to work and get things done.”

There is no one-size-fits-all option. It can be a bit of a mixed bag so we are unpacking some of the challenges in our ongoing series on working remotely.

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