Embrace the Detours

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Less than a month after The CoLab opened we shut our doors, just like everyone else, due to the pandemic. About a month later, when it was clear things were not going to get better before they got worse we posted the above quote on IG, “Embrace the Detours” with this caption:

Just like when you come to a detour on a road trip, you follow it and get to where you are going. We are ALL still destined for the same great things, this is just a little detour. Hang in there friends ❤️

We were looking for a way to begin to reframe the situation. To see what sort of lemonade could be made from these lemons. 



“Well, what now” we said. The dream of having a vibrant, active coworking and community space - that seemed so poised and ready to happen - instantly ground to a halt with questions and more questions hanging in the air. 

So, like many small business, we took a pause. We accepted that The CoLab’s journey wasn’t something we could foresee, like a well charted road trip. We couldn’t tell the story before it happened but we could make choices knowing we were on a sort of detour and muster enough faith to make space for the unexpected. 



The pandemic placed a roadblock in everyone’s way with no clear mapped out alternative. We all came to a place where we were forced to alter the routines of our lives, make choices we never imagined we’d face.



A year later The CoLab is hitting a beautiful stride. Our space is vibrant with community events, weekday coworking and microwedings. The Lakewood business community seems to be experiencing the collective reemergence from more than a year of being on pause, or on a detour. Detours are often just the beginning of a good story and some of the most interesting people, the most interesting and inspiring stories are about the detours of life! We hope you will share your story with all its interesting detours with us! 

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