Celebrating One Heck of a First Year!

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One Year Anniversary Celebration


A Year of Community & Hanging in There...

Celebrate!! The CoLab celebrated our first anniversary on Feb 28, 2021! One year ago we had our Opening Night Party and it was the most magical evening- who would have thought it would be the last hurrah for a while? Opening three weeks before Covid had some silver linings, believe it or not. 

From the most incredible grazing table to the best tunes from our DJ, the epic launch made our team feel so loved and supported. Everyone in attendance was just as excited for the space to finally be open and function as a part of the community.

 After so much time spent building and planning and dreaming, just shy of a year to be exact, we opened with the dream of being a co-working space with events sprinkled in here and there (because as you can see, we like to party!) We had an incredible three weeks of meeting new members and booking so.many.events. It felt so good and is actually what carried the team through the quarantine. While we aren't fully out of the woods yet, we are starting to see that people are embracing intimate gatherings more and our venue is the perfect fit. 






February 2021 snowy scene
Thank you to Sarah Beirne Photography for the amazing photos!

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