Business of Babysitting: Budding Entrepreneurs & Long Lasting Relationships

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Summertime is for beaches, barbeques, and babysitting!

If you have a budding or committed babysitter in the family, our upcoming course, The Business of Babysitting, is a wonderful opportunity for your tween or teen to get the basics under their belt, connect with other babysitters, and build lifelong career skills. 

Motherhood coach and pediatric nurse, Jessica Zuik, has custom designed this full spectrum babysitting course that covers not only the basics (CPR, first aid) but expands the conversation to include the acknowledgement of adding value to the world through work. This is a unique opportunity for young people stepping into the wide world of babysitting to be better prepared for the job and to build awareness of how they can begin to shape their own destiny! 

We asked Jessica to share her inspiration and what she hopes participants will take away from the course.

What inspired you to develop The Business of Babysitting course?

My son, actually.

As the oldest cousin in my family I began babysitting in middle school. High school and college were no different - except that now I was really making what I deserved caring for other people's children. It was such a fabulous way to make money. And then when I was in college I realized I could even pay my way through nursing school with it. That felt pretty powerful.

When my son was getting to the age that we wanted to leave him home alone, I began searching for a babysitting class that would teach him the “basics”. Just so that he felt comfortable staying home alone with his younger brother. He said ABSOLUTELY NOT. He didn’t want to be in a class with a bunch of girls learning to change diapers. Can’t say I blame him.

So I began developing a course for him and his friends. And I wanted this class to be different. I wanted these kids to see babysitting as a means to learn the value they create in this world - something that as a budding entrepreneur I was just learning for myself.

The Business of Babysitting is an opportunity for kids to learn the basics of business management, money mindset, and fan the flames of their entrepreneurial spirit.

Babysitting is simply the medium for these skills. It is a path that is widely available for our teens and tweens to flex these muscles and create some real value in their world.

And along they way they learn some valuable skills - CPR, first aid, and child development.

What would you like every parent hiring a young person to babysit know?

Each young person is filled with soooo much potential. They leave my class brimming with excitement to “start their business”. I am always so amazed and humbled when they begin talking about wanting to help people and support the people in their lives.

They see potential in places we as adults sometimes forget to look - or can’t see from our perspective. They also want to learn. They want to be the best they can.

If you are looking to hire a young teen or tween to babysit - way to go! That is an opportunity to cultivate a long lasting relationship with someone who is excited to play with your kids, keep them safe, and begin to flex their entrepreneurial muscles all at the same time.

That type of energy is infectious!


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